Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Valley of Flowers-Maharashtra

There is a small place called "The Kaas Plateau" which is about 20 Km from Satara in Maharashtra.This Kaas plateau is also called as "The Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra".Every year in the month of September and October the valley is flooded with wild flowers.Pleasant colours on the green background and mild fragrance of the wild flowers takes you to the heavens.The floating fog everywhere and a cool atmosphere reassures your heavenly feeling.
As you leave back the hum-drums of Satara city , a narrow road towards Bamnoli takes you to the Kaas plateau within 40 min drive.This Kaas plateau is a flat table land with densely populated , blooming wild flower shrubs about 25 cm tall .This gives the feeling as if the whole plateau is flooded with vivid colours.This area comes under the forest department and visitors should follow some basic environment rules like

1. Do not litter around
(especially plastic bags etc.)
2. Do not walk or drive your vehicle over the flowers.

No shops,food stalls or other facilities like drinking water or toilets are available around.

About 10 km further from this place (towards) Bamnoli side is a good picnic spot called the Kaas lake.This is a beautiful place for one day family picnic.

Day time fog in the backdrop of The Kaas Lake

A waterfall on the Chiplun-Karad road

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