Monday, 26 May 2008


Amarkantak is a scenic place situated in the thick woods of Maikal mountains on the MP-Chhatisgarh border.If you are the kind of traveler who enjoys peaceful and scenic places with a tinge of country-side lifestyle , then Amarkantak is worth a visit.

We visited Amarkantak in Sep 2003.We had been to Korba for Power plant simulator training and on a weekend we decided to visit Amarkantak.We started from Korba on a Saturday afternoon via Katghora , Ratanpur , Kota , Lamni to Amarkantak.After Kota the road was thickly wooded on both the sides , the evening sun saffronised the horizon and we breathed the fresh forest breeze.Our vehicle sped fast the smooth metaled road over numerous small rivers and streams.At one place a large herd of cows was returning from the forests and blocked the road and our vehicle was amidst the herd . It was a unforgettable scene and our friend Anoop jostled to picturise the scene in his camera.There was a forest barrier at Lamni.After Lamni the road was quite bad and we finally reached Amarkantak at around 8 pm.

Amarkantak is also a pilgrim center and as such there are numerous monaestries(math"s).After a extensive search at a few math's and local lodges we finally decided to stay at MPTDC resort named Holiday Homes.The next day we started early for sightseeing.Amarkantak is a tiny residential place scattered among the forests atop the mountains.On that early September morning the valley had light showers and was completely mystified.Our first destination was the Sonmuda point which is the origin of the Son river.It was a majestic waterfall overlooking a steep lush green valley.There are also a few temples and a garden at this point.Next we visited the two beautiful waterfalls Kapildhara and Dugdhdhara.These two waterfalls are in the dense forests.A splash in the waterfall is highly recommended.Narmada-udgam point has a religious surrounding and flocked by devotees.

Dhuni-pani and Bhrigu-ka-mandal are the two remote places situated in dense forests and quite away from the main town.We spent a half-day hiking trip to visit these places.

In conclusion , Amarkantak is a off-the-track lovely eco-tourist spot .

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