Monday, 26 May 2008


Mainpat is a little known hill station in northern Chhatisgarh.It is about 70 Km from Ambikapur, the district headquarters of Surguja district.It is mainly inhabited by the Tibetans who migrated to India in 1950's and 60's . Till now Mainpat does not have any tourist lodges or restaurants.A small government rest house is available at Mehta point.
On a fine summer evening in May 2007 , we decided to drive to Ambikapur.We started late in the evening from Rihandnagar(Bijpur,UP).We stayed overnight at hotel Basant, Ambikapur, and next day started our journey to Mainpat, in the early hours.
It was a fine morning and we halted at a roadside motel for our breakfast.We reached Mainpat at around 10.00 am. Mainpat is a widely dispersed village situated atop the hills.As our vehicle maneuvered the zig-zag, pot-holed uphill road , we reached the Tiger point.This point is just at the entrance of the village of Mainpat. Here there is a check dam and a waterfall in the downstream .Forest department is coming up with small rest houses near this picnic spot.
Our next destination was the Buddhist monastery situated inside the village.It was a beautiful and peaceful place where a Buddhist Lama welcomed us and informed us about the Tibetans and the monastery at Mainpat. The Mainpat village has been settled by the migrants from Tibet and as such the village has a very different ambiance from other Indian villages.The various colonies of the village are called camps and they are widely distributed in the hill-top forests.The people are quite friendly and helpful.
Next we visited the Machli point situated deep inside the forest .The Machali point has a beautiful waterfall.On the upstream of this waterfall is a check dam which is a popular picnic spot and a possible camping site.
Our final destination was the Mehta point.It has small government rest house and a view point overlooking a beautiful , serene and green valley.Also a large lake is near by.

In conclusion Mainpat is a virgin eco-tourist spot and the travelers in search of new destinations would definitely appreciate it.

A suggestion : If you are planning to visit Mainpat, then it would be a good idea to be in group of 5 or more and have your own camping facilities. Mainpat is not for the ordinary tourists.It is for them who are energetic and love adventure and exploration.


Wizard Ozzy said...

Hi ..Recently i went to Mainpat ..its really as said ..awsome.Unfortunately i landed up for accomodation at a place called Mercury resort at Mainpat.The place is kinda super expensive and food is like 5 star catag. rates.Not writing this to discourage Mainpat but i dont want anyone else to land up with a similar problem.There is no fecility at tht resort named above with no services.A tourist should be made careful of things like this at such a beautiful and lonely place .

monika singh said...

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